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We all know that the finance industry is constantly changing and evolving, it can be hard to keep up… Throw franchising in the mix and it’s a whirlwind!

Our franchise owners proudly run their businesses with integrity and transparency here at MoneyQuest.

We offer industry support like no other brand.

From webinars and Zooms, to updated shared documents, our support resources are first class.

Check out what makes us unique below and come succeed with us!

How do we support our franchise owners?

Compliance Support

We provide compliance support to ensure your business is regulated.

Executive Team Access

Our Executive Team is only a phone call, email or Zoom call away!

Resource Documents

We offer easy-to-understand and accessible support documents to help you process loans.

Lender Panel

Our lender panel includes all traditional major banks and many non-bank lenders.


We host annual network-wide conferences, and they never disappoint. These highly anticipated events give our brokers the chance to learn new skills, reconnect with their peers, network with lender partners and develop professionally. Click on the videos below to hear from industry partners, head office staff and franchise owners about our recent ‘Creating Happiness’ national conference in Melbourne.

National Money Quest Group conference

Hear from some of the MoneyQuest team who attended our recent ‘Creating Happiness’ national conference.

Zarko Jokic – MFAA State Manager

Listen as Zarko Jokic from the MFAA explains what sets MoneyQuest apart from other broker groups, and why conferencing is an important part of every successful broker’s journey.

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