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Working with people you enjoy is so important!

You spend so much of your day interacting with your colleagues, who wouldn’t want to have some fun along the way?

Well, that’s what we believe at MoneyQuest head office (or MQHQ as we like to call it).

Just because we’re working in a different office to you, doesn’t make us any less part of your business.

We come to work to help you build your MoneyQuest franchise.

Scroll down to meet the team.

And remember, we’re always just a phone call/Zoom/Teams meet away!

Our dedicated team at MoneyQuest Head Office
(or MQHQ as we like to call it) are here to help
you when you need it most!

Meet the Team

Michael Russell

Managing Director

"I employ smart people with an even better attitude who make me look great."

Julian Mattatia

General Manager

"I help you on a path to build your own successful business."

Julie Ryburn

General Manager

"I help create the magic backstage!"

Simon Dehne

General Manager Franchise Development

"I am your personal business builder and problem solver."

Paul Wright

National Growth Manager

“I help established and new-to-industry brokers achieve success sooner.”

Troy Howell

Compliance Manager

“I provide you with tools and guidance to protect you and your clients”

Naish Rambiritch

BDM - Qld / Systems Specialist

"I get you confident using the tools of the trade."

Damien Condon​

WA State Manager

Stuart Ronneberg

QLD State Manager

"I provide you with the confidence and resources you need to take your career to the next level."

Matthew Phelps

NSW State Manager

"I connect people"

Simone Dellora

EA to MD

“I work hard to make your job easy.”

Ellen Mathews

PR & Communications

“I am your personal storyteller."

Justin Torres

Finance Manager

"I manage the company’s accounts to help inform future decision making."

Sarah Keens

Brand Manager

“I’ll help you cultivate a brand that resonates.”

Elley Gow

Member Services

"I support you with the day-to-day, so you can make finance dreams come true."

Michelle Ralph

Member Services

"I am your support service."

Rosalie Macri

Member Services

"I am your professional problem solver."

Scott McDonnell

Marketing Assistant

"I'll help you promote your brand"

Luke Clarke

Social Media Manager

"I supercharge your social media presence"

Alyssa Joi Zausa

Accounts Officer

"I ensure that every penny is accounted for, and every dollar is wisely spent"

Jade Guerrero


“I guide you to what’s right.”

Cristin Elisabeth

Graphic Designer

"I bring your creative ideas to life"

Sam Remonte

Web Developer

"I get you on the web!"

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